The Way to Contain GetResponse With ClickFunnels

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Copying the GetResponse admin code: 0:28

Integration on ClickFunnels: 0:48

Integrating individual ClickFunnels webpages (significant ): 1:40

Assessing our integration: 3:04

Welcome everyone!

In our prior videowe set up our initial autoresponder sequence on GetResponse so people who join our subscriber list through our ClickFunnels landing page may have info sent out to them automatically!

Consequently, in this movie, I wished to explain to you the way you can incorporate GetResponse with ClickFunnels to ensure those mails can begin coming out to you instantly!

In addition, I test it out in my email to ensure the email installation does really do the job. Here are the steps I take:

1. On the top-right corner of the GetResponse, click on’my account’ and choose’account details’.

2. Click on the tab near the base called’API & OAuth’. Duplicate the API code that’s presented to you . Save this code for the time being. You may need it soon if we enter our ClickFunnels!

3. Log into your ClickFunnels accounts and click on’accounts’. Select ‘integrations. In the drop-down menu.

4. Click ‘add new integration’, produce a nickname for your new integration, and beneath’select services’, choose’GetResponse’.

5. Enter the API key we’ve replicated before from GetResponse. Click ‘create integration’ when you’ve done that! So today we’ve successfully incorporated GetResponse using ClickFunnels as a complete – howeverwe need to incorporate each page separately.
Proceed to the edit version of every landing page you would like to incorporate with GetResponse.

6. On peak of the editing tabs, then click the ‘ ail’ button.

7. On the right of this’integrations’ choice, scroll to the brand new GetResponse integration you’ve created. It needs to be recognized by the nickname you’ve selected previously. On the best of’activity’, choose’add to effort’, and also to the right of’listing to include’, pick the campaign which you need to bring the men and women who subscribe to. In our case it was diabetes, therefore that I shall choose the diabetes effort.

8. Just click Save and repeat the procedure for several of the landing pages which you would like to get integrated. Bear in mind, this needs to be achieved on intermediate degree, but also in a single landing page basis. Do not forget to incorporate this integration when doing A/B or divide replacing and testing a webpage with another

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I’ll be covering GetResponse soon in the approaching movies that will assist you triumph at affiliate marketing!

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  1. Here on a Saturday morning hanging out with you on your channel, Just wanted to take time and express my gratitude for all this content, it's been of tremendous help! Good Work brother,

  2. i'm new to this. whats the purpose of having clickfunnels if you have Getresponse ? Clickfunnels is like 95 $ and it doesn't even come with a mobile app. you can do the same thing with Getresponse for 45 dollars. smh its the same shit its called that attractive character Getresponse is better doesnt charge you for an Autoresponder because everthing is build in and there automation is better. connecting jvzoo/clickbank is a nightmare with clickfunnels. its as easy as 123 with Getresponse

  3. Hey, I Just have done Integrate GetResponse with ClickFunel. What Next if I Already Have Ready a Couple Funnels in ClicFunel app and save on desktop templates of e-mail Letters. What is Next Step? Thanks.

  4. Have no idea what the HELL you are talking about! You spoke way too fast, please slow it down. Lots of youtube videos are people in the rush to make it and therefore lose clients and move on to people that are more of the same niches but are not in the rush but out to teach and actually people learn quicker. Sorry, just my opinion. Peace Out

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