Connect Clickfunnels into Google Sheets to Add Orders to some Spreadsheet

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Learn how to join Clickfunnels into Google Sheets and produce spreadsheet rows for each new purchase.

– Give Zapier a try to get free:
– Set-up that the Clickfunnels into Google Sheets Zap in the movie:
– Zapier’s privacy & data policies: &


Managing, organizing, sorting, and delivering fresh orders into your satisfaction center or warehouse team is a project unto itself. Plus it usually involves downloading a cluttered CSV or copying over arrange information into a spreadsheet such as Google Sheets.

It requires some time –but it does not need to. With Zapier, it is possible to join Clickfunnels into Google Sheets within an immediate and ship your orders into a spreadsheet since they arrive in.

If you do not know Zapier, it is an automation tool which makes linking your entire programs occur in only a matter of clicks.

And Zapier’s going to allow me to deliver orders out of Clickfunnels into Google Sheets using a Zap–an automatic workflow.

All I will really have to do is link my Clickfunnels and Google Sheets accounts then match up info in my new arrangement to the columns in Google Sheets.

To begin with, I will join my Clickfunnels accounts…This provides Zapier permission to track for new orders in Clickfunnels.

OK, Clickfunnels is linked and analyzed. Down this caret button means that I will pick a particular funnel and measure I need Zapier to track for new purchases. It is not mandatory that I choose a particular funnel, so Zapier will track all funnels and measures.

I will skip grabbing samples because I really don’t have any current orders. This will allow me to use Clickfunnel’s default sample at the next step. However, while you place this Zap upward, I certainly recommend taking the opportunity to pull recent trials.

We link to Google SheetsWe have links to our own privacy and information coverages from the description but essentially, we maintain your account information safe with bank-level encryption–we still do not take chances with your own information. And today we simply match data from Clickfunnels into Google Sheets.

When you find this button, which means that you can catch information from the very first measure, from Clickfunnels, to populate those areas.

When I click evaluation, we are going to make a row in Google Sheets, so bear this in mind while you examine your Zaps, also; Zapier is really making the activity occur.

Looks just like a victory, so let us check out Google Sheets…and now there it is. Just like this, we joined Clickfunnels into Google Sheets.

Now, whenever I receive a new arrangement, this Zap will operate and ship the sequence Google Sheets, creating an abysmal orders database.

To put this Zap upward, I utilized a Zap Template. They make it quicker to make a workflow, also develop together with the programs and activities all prepared to go. If you clicked “Make A Zap” or your own editor seems somewhat different, do not worry, the fundamentals are the same.

To learn more on Zapier and this Zap Template, have a look at the description. We hope this will help you be more effective!

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